Friday, August 08, 2008


This is the most amazing case of rationalization I've ever seen:

That attitude [of anything to win politics -Ed.] is why charges of flip flopping against Obama will not work. Voters expect the next president to be willing to change his position if necessary to get government moving again. In fact the willingness to change to adapt to new realities is viewed as strong not weak politics. What is weak politics is polarization and inflexibility. The politicians and their polarizing special interest allies who play that game will be rolled by the voters especially if the voters are encouraged to do so by a charismatic cable guy president who is seen as willing to find reasonable consensus in order to "get 'er done".

None of this is to suggest that Barack Obama lacks a moral compass. What he is blessed with rather is an internal compass with the capability to lead us from here to there. No one argues that staying where we are is acceptable. Most agree on where the there is we need to go be it healthcare reform, ending the war, protecting the country, or educating our kids. The only question is how we get there and who has the ability to lead us there. In other words, who can "get 'er done".
I really don't think most "voters" want a president who will "get 'er done" -- because that's as vacuous, vague and empty as "hope and change". What, exactly, is he promising to get done? It isn't as if conservatives and liberals are promising the same actions with different means; if that were the case, this argument would hold water. But they're literally trying to take the country in opposite directions. How can methodology and ideology be irrelevant?

One other thing -- aside from demilitarization, denuclearization, and massively socialistic policies (all of which actually put him to the left of his party), the only thing Barack Obama ran on was his lily-white political naivete purity and his denunciation of politics as usual. He was promising the exact opposite of pragmatism and cold, calculating political maneuvering. If Beckel is truly outlining Obama's plan then he is anything but a "new kind of politician". He's just a really, really good old style, Chicago Rules candidate.

If he doesn't have the "New Politics", and he doesn't have the liberal ideology...then why would anybody in the nation vote for him?

Oh, and read the "about the author section":

Bob Beckel managed Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign...

(Where he lost in a landslide, winning only DC and his home state of Minnesota, losing the election by a "score" of 13 - 525, making him the worst loser of the Democratic party ever: quite a feat.)

This is the guy who managed the worst campaign in modern political history. How is his opinion even remotely close to relevant?

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