Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random thoughts

I never wanted to turn this into a periodic diary-blog, but I'm kind of bored with politics right now. I feel as if I'm reaching a point with the current political field that I can just link to old blog posts and save time, rather than commenting on current articles. It's a Saturday night, and some friends of mine just left. I'm flipping through Drudge and ABC to read, and I really see the same old things.

Obama vs. Hillary is a race vs. gender campaign that neither of them will take credit for or acknowledge that they're using it to their advantage while simultaneously pointing the finger at each other. The Democrats are finally seeing the nasty side of the Clintons and noticing, perhaps, what most conservatives have known all along -- they're not really nice people. They're power hungry and they'll do just about anything to get it.

The Republican side is a mess. There's only one real conservative, and he ain't doin' so hot.

The MSM has completely dropped Iraq from its focus, even though yes, there is still a war going on...and yes, we're winning. There's no articles to discuss because they're playing the politics of omission, and drooling for the chance to pound Bush on the economy.

Speaking of the economy: though waiting with baited breath to announce a new depression thanks to the Bush administration, no stories will come out about how racially motivated this whole situation is.

But Ah ha! Finally something worth writing about!