Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy, Busy

I've been kind of busy lately and I've neglected my blogging duties. Sorry! Hope to be back to regular updating soon.


Matt said...

Watch the video on my blog. I've missed hammering your global warming arguments into the ground. I'd love to see you attempt to find a hole in this argument. Here's the link, in case you forgot it:

also, watch the bill moyer's clip a few posts down if you can stomach the evil liberal propoganda from PBS. it's on fiscal conservatism and accountability... things that you love to tout, but are completely ignored by the people you support. (i shouldn't have put that last sentence in, I know you won't watch it now... but what the hell) I double dog dare you to watch it with as much objectivity as you can possibly muster... which we all know, isn't going to be that much.