Monday, September 17, 2007

Murtha is nuts

Seriously, the guy is batty. He has unlearned the toddler's lesson that wishing for something won't make it come true.

House Appropriations Defense subcommittee Chairman John Murtha (D-Pa.) said Monday that he expects that Republican lawmakers will begin abandoning President Bush’s Iraq policy after the GOP picks a presidential candidate next year.

"As soon as the primaries are over, you’ll see Republicans start jumping ship," Murtha said in remarks at the National Press Club.

Murtha also predicted that, despite the unpopularity of Congress, Democrats will make broad gains in next year’s election because voters are upset with the war.

"People are frustrated, but you’re going to see a big Democratic increase," he told reporters after his speech. “I think we’ll pick up 40 [to] 50 seats."
Apparently he's forgotten that all of the Republican candidates (except for Ron Paul...heh) are decidedly pro-Petraeus and pro-"Stay the course"? And that the current congress is in shambles and has literally done nothing aside from upping the minimum wage (i.e. soothe their union cohorts)?