Tuesday, September 11, 2007


What the heck is the point of having an expert come in to brief congress if congress tells them they're wrong?

Anti-war Senate Democrats bluntly told Iraq commander General David Petraeus Tuesday his troop surge strategy was an abject failure in its prime objective -- forging an Iraqi political settlement.
Petraeus repeated his contention that the surge was working, and said US forces could gradually be reduced from their current 168,000 strength, to pre-surge levels of around 130,000 by mid 2008.

But committee chairman Senator Joseph Biden said: "we should stop the surge and start bringing our troops home."
Who is Joe Biden to tell Petraeus anything? And why is Petraeus' report a "contention"?

Forget congress. Let them throw their fits. They can't even play by the rules they set up. To be honest, I'd not have Petraeus do any briefings except to select committees and dare them to try another Vietnam budget cut.

Pelosi and her ilk don't have the guts or the political capital to carry it out. Why should we continue to play their stupid political game?