Monday, September 17, 2007


We are fortunate that the pendulum in the world is swinging back to the conservative side of politics. I think that having an ally (and potential hawk?) in France may be one of the biggest boons of that swing to date -- perhaps just in time to save the world from a truly liberal/socialist American government.

France took the first steps Monday to set up a European sanctions regime against the Islamic government in Tehran, after warning that Iran's failure to renounce nuclear weapons could lead to war.

"These would be European sanctions that each country, individually, must put in place with its own banking, commercial and industrial system. The English and the Germans are interested in talking about this. We will try to find a common European position," Kouchner said.

Verhagen said the "first effort should be to convince the Security Council to apply more sanctions. But when the Security Council doesn't agree, I am prepared, I am willing, to apply European Union sanctions in common with the United States sanctions."

France has taken a more threatening posture towards Iran since the election of President Nicolas Sarkozy in May, and its willingness to promote extra-UN sanctions puts it closely in line with the position of the United States.
It's good to have allies in other places than Israel and Britain, don't you think?