Monday, September 17, 2007


I really get tired of everyone constantly disparaging Microsoft. They already got busted for including a web browser in windows -- now they can't include Windows Media Player on EU versions of Windows? And they have to release some of their source code?

It also said regulators had clearly demonstrated that selling media software with Windows had damaged rivals.

"The court observes that it is beyond dispute that in consequence of the tying consumers are unable to acquire the Windows operating system without simultaneously acquiring Windows Media Player," it said.

"In that regard, the court considers that neither the fact that Microsoft does not charge a separate price for Windows Media Player nor the fact that consumers are not obliged to use that Media Player is irrelevant."
The leeches of the world will always ride on the cart being pulled by the Do-ers. The fact that no company to date has even come close to toppling Microsoft's OS empire demonstrates to me that Microsoft is still serving the consumer in a satisfactory way. If there was a need the Microsoft wasn't filling, or if their product was inferior the market would demand that competition fill the gaps. It hasn't done so, and I must conclude that Windows is made pretty dang well. (The fact that I love Vista and all of the amazing features it has backs this up, too).

Personally I'd be pretty annoyed if I bought an operating system that came without a media player or a web browser. In fact, I'm not sure how you'd even go about getting updates when you installed the OS fresh, unless you happened to have another web browser saved to a hard disk. The whole idea is stupid.

Incidentally, OSX not only comes with a media player (Quicktime) but also a music player (iTunes), a movie editor, a web browser, a fairly advanced math program, and a plethora of other specialized non-operating system programs. Why isn't anyone whining about them? It seems to me that Matlab or Maple would have a decent court case against Apple for their math software, along these grounds.

The fact is that no one can compete with Microsoft because their product is better. This sets a bad precedent because in the end the consumer is going to suffer from this legislation. Things like this are ultimately a setback for the market -- and set a groundwork for future acts of stupidity. I wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of socialist backlash to Boeing's continued trouncing of Airbus or any other of the flagship examples of why American capitalism is simply better than the EU pseudomodel of it.

I wish Microsoft were private and principled beyond fighting for profits. If that were the case they could just deny the EU use of any and all Microsoft products because of this ruling. Would it hurt Microsoft? Sure. Would it hurt the EU a whole lot more? Of course. Would it be good for the world? I think so.


g said...

History will see the past decade of economic growth as the Gates effect.