Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Michelle Malkin reports that GreenStone media of Hanoi Jane fame has gone out of business!

What was expected to be a relatively quiet shutdown of the failed GreenStone Media feminist talk radio network has instead turned into a noisy flap over the way its founders are treating outgoing employees.

According to two new reports, the Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Rosie O'Donnell- backed outfit appears ready to ditch its staff without providing severance payments or offering other assistance.

In addition, there have been accusations that the firm is utilizing questionable financial tactics in order to avoid giving staffers their fair due.
I'll admit it. I'm gloating right now. Not only because their stupid sexist idea didn't work, but also because they can't even go out nicely. Powerful women stiffing "empowered" women, a commentary which is trite but true.

I love it.