Thursday, August 23, 2007


This story brings a smile to my face.

Tehran has threatened to bar major German banks that are pulling out of Iran due to US pressure and steep administration costs from returning to the country.

A number of European banks, such as Credit Suisse and UBS, have already taken similar decisions, paring back or ceasing altogether their operations with Iran.

The FTD said that European financial institutions feared losing out on lucrative business with the United States if they remained active in Iran, after US officials threatened the banks' boards with consequences.
They may not like us, they may not think we're great...but they know we don't fool around. And they want the money.

The whole idea of a financial war is similar to that of a cold war -- and it plays to our strengths. Just as Reagan understood that the USSR could not keep up with the muscle of capitalism (if it were only allowed to flex!) our leaders understand now that the rest of the world can't stand up to us financially. I'm glad we're using that strong position. It's certainly more "diplomatic" than guns or embargoes, and that's something even liberals can get behind.