Monday, August 27, 2007

Sarkozy: Hawk

France's new president Nicolas Sarkozy is further redefining France's global positioning:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday a diplomatic push by the world's powers to rein in Tehran's nuclear program was the only alternative to "an Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran."

In his first major foreign policy speech, Sarkozy emphasized his existing foreign policy priorities, such as opposing Turkish membership of the European Union and pushing for a new Mediterranean Union that he hopes will include Ankara.
That's great and all but his stance on Russia is sketchy at best. Admonishment doesn't do a whole lot.
He also presented some new ideas, such as...expanding the Group of Eight industrialized nations to include the biggest developing states.

Sarkozy criticized Russia for its dealings on the international stage. "Russia is imposing its return on the world scene by using its assets, notably oil and gas, with a certain brutality," he said.

"When one is a great power, one should not be brutal."
Rather than expanding the G-8, why don't we remove Russia and add someone more worthy? Brazil, South Korea and Australia all come to mind. That goes double for the UN Security Council.