Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Newt is a smart guy, but he's kind of a blowhard.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday he is "sickened" that President Bush and Congress went on vacation "while young Americans in our cities are massacred" by illegal immigrants.

"The federal government's incompetence, timidity and uncoordinated efforts to identify and deport criminal illegal aliens have had devastating consequences for innocent Americans," Gingrich said, in a newsletter.

Gingrich said that the "war here at home" against illegal immigrants is "even more deadly than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan."

"As an American, I am sickened that the political leadership of America could continue to go on vacation and do nothing," he said. "Why are the August vacations for the president and the Congress more precious than the lives of young Americans who are being killed because of government incompetence and inaction."
Dafydd discussed the "vacation" issue on August 10th:

Bush receives ambassadors and other official visitors at Crawford; he commands military actions and manages rescue and recovery actions by FEMA from Crawford; he drafts executive orders and legislation he hopes to get through Congress, lobbies congressmen, meets with his cabinet, prepares for foreign trips, spends hours on the phone with various officials, writes speeches, manages personnel problems, holds press conferences, and interviews potential federal appointees. A "vacation" like that I need like a hole in the head...

So let's be honest: Bush has not spent 418 days on "vacation;" he has spent 418 days at the Crawford branch office. It's possible that on some of those days, he did no work... possible, but not likely; the presidency is a 24-7 job. More likely, he even works on Sundays (after church) and holidays.

President of the United States isn't something you do, its something you are. When this potshot comes from the liberal media its one thing. To hear it from Newt is quite another. Gingrich should know better.

I find it interesting that Gingrich is taking his own advice regarding "how to win in 2008". He suggested that Republicans emulate Sarkozy's recent victory in France by not running against the Democratic candidate but instead campaigning against Bush.

Its going to be mighty confusing when both sides are talking about nothing other than how much not like Bush they are.
Gingrich said that President Bush should call Congress back into special session for three days to pass a bill in honor of the slain students.

The measure should order the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security to outsource the development of an identification system to check the legal status of felons and have it up and running by Jan. 1, 2008, he said.

In addition, it should withdraw federal aid from any city, county or state that refuses to participate in checking the legal status of arrested felons, Gingrich said.
Now this really isn't a bad idea. And thats the big problem with Newt Gingrich. Its like 50/50 hot air and brilliance. I'm not convinced thats a viable mix.