Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I thoroughly enjoyed this article (warning, language), but the comments section really takes the cake:

First the Rightwing Parody, Then the Leftwing Reality: Yes, They're Now Claiming Global Warming *Causes Volcanos, Earthquakes*
Some of the winning comments:

  • If you kids don't cut the crap I'm gonna stop the car, erupt out of this rock, and burn the s*** out of your heinies. Just give me an excuse. Posted by: Magma
  • Interesting, this article is in what the Guardian labels as the 'Science' section. Apparently 'science' is one of those words (like faggot) that means two different things in American v. British English. I guess in their version of the language 'science' means 'superstitious gibberish'.
  • Virgins. We need virgins to throw in volcanoes. It's the only way to save the planet.
  • Too bad yKos broke up - we could have gathered enough sacrificial virgins there to appease the Old Gods for years to come.
And the ultimate winner:
  • The term virgin is outdated. We must find persons with a zero sex footprint.
Enjoy also the warmlist, a compilation of things that are caused by global warming. "Agricultural land increase" to "Yellow fever", which isn't quite A-Z but its close.