Thursday, August 09, 2007

Daily Kos: Cheney Anal Rapist

The Daily Kos posted a diary that stated:

Anal Violation Is Key Part of CIA Torture
They promptly took it down, violating a wonderful rule of blogging that if you post it, its your words.

Fortunately for all of us, Google caches everything on the internet, and I have the link to the article. We can see what kind of deranged talk goes on there. Warning: language.

As usual, the comments are wonderful. There's the US Hater:
The US never rested on the moral high ground. Not only did we keep slavery going almost 60 years after the Brits abolished it, our brand broke up families for a buck. We taught the Native American how to scalp--and the Viet Cong how to cut off ears. We banished the Japanese during WWII, but did nothing to the Germans. We had lynchings some 50 years ago. We are still segregated--even backtracked on Brown v Bd of ED.

Our moral high ground has always been an illusion--it's just that Bush is enhancing our evilness.
The inevitable tie-in to abortion-equivalence rationale:
Endless war reaps endless war profits for the manufacturers of death. Forever and ever, Amen. Hail to the pro life gang, the grimmest of reapers.
The "reluctant Hater":
During the past 6 1/2 years, I have learned, to my sadness, how to hate. I have no doubt that the feeling is well merited, the objects have earned it.

I had never hated, before. But how can one fail to hate what is inherently evil, opposed to life and fulfillment, against the greater good and which seeks to end that which has been earned with nobility of purpose, sacrifice and great price...our democracy.
The Psychopath:
I've had administrations and presidents I disliked before (Nixon) or even deplored and prayed to see the end of (Reagan, GHWBush), but never until now have I seen an administration and an Usurper for whose death I pray every time I hear his name or see his face. It's a bewildering experience, to have to restrain myself from shouting "KILL HIM!" when he pops up on the news, or is quoted on tape on the radio.
The tie in to Nazi Germany:
"systematically applied, carefully documented ... and the effects closely studied."
I just shuddered violently, because the Nazis kept excruciatingly detailed records of everything they did at the death camps.
The Arm-chair Psychoanalyst:
It is pretty obvious GW Bush is mentally unbalanced. Lay persons can see that. Bush appears to be someone who has a sexual attraction to men, but hates himself for those feelings and covers it up with all kinds of macho bluster, the ultimate being ordering torture with psycho-sexual themes.
Surprisingly, there is a voice of reason in the debate, though you have to read more than halfway down the comments section to find it:
Actually, this is a fairly common practice in US prisons. I have some experience with the procedures commonly utilized in penal institutions. [no, not personal] When violent prisoners are culled to be taken to Administrative Segregation units (a la Hannibal Lecter), they generally kick, bite and punch, looking to cause maximum harm. They definitely won't swallow pills, they won't hold still for needles and they won't calm down. Accordingly, they are ofter given a "wooden shampoo" or tasered, hog tied and then sedated with anal suppositories. It's quicker, easier, and less likely to cause physical harm to the corrections officers or the prisoners. I know this sounds harsh, but it's not uncommon. Now, if they are doing this to cooperative and non-violent prisoners, that's totally different. I don't see where Digby tells us when or why this is done. Do you?
I know for a fact that in US prisons, prisoners are frequently photographed naked, but not to humiliate them. They are photographed to document that, as of a certain date, they had no cuts, bruises or signs of physical abuse. Now if you put a dog collar on them, or have a woman present when a prisoner is stripped, that's different. I didn't get the same sense from the article, but that's probably because I have actually seen the inside of AdSeg units in prisons. Not a pretty place, I might add.
Its a needle in a hay stack, though. By and large, this is the tone:
There is an undeniable - and deeply creepy - homoeroticism to the modern Republican Party...It's the physical domination aspect that seems to gratify them so.
Then there's the glorification of a creepy masculine aggressiveness. Bush on the flightdeck with his junk all trussed up in webbing (deeply, profoundly creepy), the physical contact and touching that Bush so often inflicts on other world leaders - most of whom are men, the strutting swagger and the love of uniforms - hell, Bush's Golf Cart even has a Presidential seal on it.
The golf cart??!?! Say it ain't so?!

This is the website that ran Yearly Kos. These are the people that the Democratic party represents. This is their base. Draw your own conclusions.