Thursday, August 16, 2007


I really love finding semi-obscure political articles on the net and reading the comments. It really demonstrates to me the differences between left and right in this country. I'm reprinting these from a article about Karl Rove, and I'm not intentionally picking the "good" rightist ones and the "bad" leftist. It is what it is.

I'ld bet that if the Clinton campaign had enough money to hire Rove, he'ld accept, and run her campaign into the White House. After all, he was successful in getting a failed business man, Yale C-average, barely two-termer former Texas governor into the White House. And like a typical republican, he'ld do it for the right price.
She voted against giving a tax break to people paying for their own healthcare. She voted against people being able to take more control over their lives as it relate to SS and healthcare.

Sounds like the American public is invisible to her.
Coming from the sleaziest Pol in the history of this country, Rove's comments are a reminder about how badly we need to get rid of Bush and his entire crime family.
A quick scan of this blog certainly proves Hillary IS a divisive personality.

These posts reveal she is either the second coming or satan herself.

Do we need more of that in our national discourse?
Mrs clinton says our President doesn't care about health care for the Amercian people, well she was in the white house with Mr Clinton for 8 years and worked on health care and did what, nothing , she failed there and she thinks she can do it if she is President God for bid, she can't blame the President then if she is in office cause it would be her to try and do what she couldn't do in 8 years.
I just can't beleive people are still willing to defend bush and his administration. All he has done is reinitiate Nazi terror control over the american people with anti-civil liberty legislation and fear mongering. The world will be a better place with someone who cannot be bought in the white house. I think Hillary is that person. If not, we're all screwed.
The audacity of this man to critique!!
His "Agenda" has crippled this country. His "Ideas" whispered into the ear of a gullible and simple political puppet have mired this nation in a conflict that has cost almost 4000 American Patriots their lives.
When he steps forward and takes responsibility he will have the right to critique but until then he should keep his opinions to himself and spend a little more time in self reflection.
His "Architecture of Destruction" has poisoned the United States and it will take decades to recover from this debacle.
Hillary Clinton has already admitted she is bought and paid for. She refuses to do away with money from PACS and special interest groups.

This person is bought, paid for, and already stamped "MINE" by way too many special interest groups.

NO THANKS! Not another incompetent Clinton in the WH.
What does Karl mean when he says Hillary is "fatally flawed?" That sounds like a threat against her resolved by a fatal act. I hope the Secret Service interviews him and asks him why he threatened the presidential candidates life.
This doesn't matter anyway. Cheney already has a plan to postpone the election under martial law (war with Iran) and not relinquish power in January 2009. 4 more years of Cheney/Bush!!!
The left is Anti-Bush, even though Bush isn't running. They're also Pro-Hillary and Pro-Edwards: some even think Edwards could win in the general election.

Now I'm not saying there aren't idiots on the interweb commenting sphere that are rabidly Republican either. But this is a decently randomized sample...and look at what you get. Its amazing.


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