Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Bridge

The bridge collapse is really sad, and a terrible thing. But how sick and stupid do you have to be to equate Iraq / the GOP with this bridge collapsing? The very first response to the entirely reasonable Daily Kos post about the incident said “we spend billions in Iraq while we fall apart at home,” posted at 6:36 PM, roughly 15 minutes after the bridge fell.

Fifteen minute turnaround from terrible tragedy that killed and injured many to "We hate Bush".

And again at Captain's Quarters, a poster wrote:

Currently, the Defense Department says it is spending about $4.5 billion a month on the conflict in Iraq, or about $100,000 per minute.

That's $6 million every HOUR.

$144 million a day. Month after month, year after year after year......

That would pay for a lot of bridges.

Sure it would. But its not like the Republicans are swiping money from the Highway Trust Fund to send to Halliburton via Iraq. That sort of stealing only goes to fund earmarks -- which Pelosi and her ilk have been flat-out opposed to fixing, no matter what campaign promises they made.

As far as I can tell if we magically stopped spending money in Iraq (say, the jihad was canceled tomorrow and the "Religion of Peace" actually lived up to it's name) any diverted funds would go directly to earmarks and entitlements, not roads.

But the Left BDS machine marches on...