Monday, July 16, 2007

Webb: typical

One thing that really burns me is politicians saying inane things like "I'm for the troops but against the war." You can't do that; its like being for business but against capitalism, or being for Al Gore but against liberalism. Or being for Ken Lay but against Enron. Or Pro A Rod but anti- World Series.

Not supporting the war, undermining the war, denying funding and support for the war, hollering about it being a defeat before it even begins, calling it a quagmire, referencing Vietnam, are all things that ultimately hurt our troops.

So thats why James Webb really annoys me. He says stuff like this:

"This is one thing I really take objection to — may I speak? — is politicians who try to put their political views into the mouths of soldiers," Webb said over his opponent's interruptions.
Yeah? Well one thing all of the Marines I know take objection to are liberals.

It really gets down to 100% typical liberal tactics when he says this:
"Have you been to Iraq?" Graham demanded.

"I've covered two wars as a correspondent," Webb said. "I have been to Afghanistan as a journalist."

Graham: "Have you been to Iraq and talked to the soldiers?"

Webb: "You know, you've never been to Iraq, Lindsey."

The Republican pointed out he's been there seven times.
Not only does Webb not answer the question -- because hasn't been to Iraq -- he also is flat out wrong. Not once or twice wrong, but seven times over. Then he backpedals and says that Graham's visits don't "count" because he's a congressman and its a dog and pony show. Sure, that happens -- but at least Graham was there. Because he's for the troops, not against the war.