Monday, July 16, 2007

Ted Rall - Moron

Go ahead, throw up. Its sickening isn't it? Its bad enough when the Left says Bush=Hitler, because at least Bush is a public figure. But to even come close to insinuate that Americans are morally equivalent to suicide bombers in any way is disgusting. Of course, Ted Rall knows this; he's an idiot, but he's sly, see? He needs the ratings.

But I'll humor him and go ahead and explain why everything he shows in this comic is wrong (almost). If you remove the pictures and take his "profile" of a suicide bomber -- which is intended to show the "similarities" between Islamic "holy" warriors and our boys -- you get an image that in no way fits either the members of the US military or suicide bombers.

Rall says that suicide bombers are characterized by the following descriptions: Male, willing to die for a cause, religious fervor, poor education, blind obedience, poverty, belief in life after death, and immaturity. Never mind the fact that the descriptive words don't match syntax-wise...some are adjectives while others are nouns.

However, fundamentally he's flat out wrong. Most suicide bombers are not the poor, ignorant, or immature. As the UK stupid-bombing showed us, at best they are inept. But by and large, they come from well-to-do families, are educated, and largely cosmopolitan. Blowing oneself up for Allah is the chic thing to do in happening Islamic families these days. The prodigal son doesn't leave with his inheritance to gamble it away; he leaves to fight the infidel, with the family's blessing.

Additionally, the labels don't appropriately apply to American soldiers. American servicemen represent a cross section of the US in every way, from race and religious creed to economic background. In fact, the US military has lower numbers of religious people of a every sect than the general population, and more atheists to boot. The military also pulls generally from the middle of the economic pool, with very few recruits coming from either the very poor or the very rich sections of society. Mean income of recruit families was $41,141 in 1999, and $42,8222 (adjusted) in 2003, compared to a national average of $41,994.

US Military members aren't stupid either, no matter what liberals may tell you. In fact, 98% of recruits have high school diplomas, compared to 75% of the general population.

Finally, the US military is the worst example in the world of a rigid, inflexible system of people who don't think for themselves. The US soldier is the poster child for original thought; enlisted personnel in our armed services do fewer things "by the book" than any other military in the history of the world, ever. Period. We push autonomy down. Its one of the trademarks of the US military and the reason that we're consistently victorious in battle, from the AVG in China, the grunt Leatherneck on Guadalcanal, to the Hua on the ground in Buqaba.

I know its pointless to post this, as Rall is unaffected and those who think like him are impervious to facts -- but it does make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

You might want to check the military's own stats before repeating obvious nonsense like 98% of enlisted have a high-school diploma.

Mycos said...

And given your assertion that those in the US military "push autonomy down", your own education has left you mistakenly believing the word "autonomy" means something other than the freedom to act on one's own initiative you say is commonplace among enlisted personnel.