Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Operation YouTube Smackdown

YouTube is a public forum for hosting videos. Because of the ease of uploading a video, there are a great many videos on there at any given time that violate their terms of use and are waiting to be flagged as inappropriate and summarily removed by the YouTube staff. Unfortunately for the world, apparently YouTube is being a little...shall we say...selective about what they do and don't censor. And not in the way you'd hope:

Reader Rickbert tells me that a group of Whittle's readers are doing something called the YouTube Smackdown, which requires no money and only a little effort for you to help with. Here's the deal: Towelheaded terrorists are using YouTube to post tons of Jihad videos, and for some unfathomable reason, YouTube lets them stay on.

I have a seriously HUGE personal beef with this dammit (aside from the fact that it's completely wrong and evil). About a year ago, I posted a video showing the following: squirrel on tree trunk, John throwing very small rock at squirrel, and squirrel jumping into the path of the rock, which would not have hit him if he'd stayed on the tree. The squirrel got pinged but you can plainly see him landing on the ground and running away unharmed. It was one of the most hilarious 15 seconds I've ever witnessed. Anyway, within an HOUR of posting that, it was removed by YouTube and I got an email saying it contained "inappropriate content" and was against the rules because it showed "cruelty to animals". One viewer had flagged it, and it got yanked. WHAT? THE? HELL?

No squirrel pinging allowed, but Islamic dickheads can post all the videos they want, calling on people to join the Jihad against the infidels (that means YOU). It's truly abominable. QuothTheRaven shows you what to do about this:

Jihadist videos have found a home at YouTube. Our enemies are using this site to spread propaganda and recruit new terrorists. We're going to shut them down. To play along you need to do the following:

1. Log into YouTube and run a search. Any of the following key words will land you in the right spot: IED, Jihad, Death to Israel, Islamic Republic of Iraq, etc. You won't have any trouble finding them; they are legion.
2. Open the jihadist video, then click the icon that says "Flag as inappropriate." Use the drop down menu and click on "hate speech."
3. This last step is going to take a great deal of self-control. You're going to see a lot of comments cheering on the terrorists as they blow up American and allied soldiers. Don't answer these comments directly. We want your comment directed at YouTube management. Something like: "This video aids and abets our enemies in time of war and should be deleted" will be sufficient.

This is linked from Rachel Lucas and you can help by going here to join Operation YouTube Smackdown.