Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The litany begins

The MSM has been dying to ignore the ineffectual democratic congress ever since it became obvious that Reid and Pelosi are more interested in publicity stunts and globe trotting than actually passing legislation. However, with congress' approval ratings in the pits, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that our current congress is inept and corrupt at levels never seen before.

Thus, to come out of this with any sort of political capital, democrats need to start shoveling -- quickly. The easiest way to get away with anything in politics is to point out that it wasn't your fault. And so the litany of excuses begins. One USA Today editorial caught my eye:

Whatever it is that stirred the voters eight months ago, it is clear that they are sadly disappointed with Congress today.

it is equally possible that the Democrats may have inadvertently contributed to the discontent by overselling their capabilities to the American people. After all, they're missing one essential ingredient in the formula for bringing real change to Washington: a working majority.
Ah, I see! Its not congress' fault at all. Its those darned voters. We didn't elect enough of them. Now in political NewSpeak not only do you need a majority to get anything accomplished, we have political scientists coining a new "working majority" requirement. How daft would the American voters need to be to buy this? The Democrats in congress have been around long enough to know how the game works (except Obama - hah). They knew exactly what they were getting into. Its not that they've crafted spectacular legislation only to have the mean ol' Republican minority shoot it to pieces; they've literally done nothing.

To be frank, though, the USA Today article also points out why American voters really are quite dense.
The American voters are unhappy with their handiwork. They went to the polls in November with a variety of objectives. Some cast their votes against Republican candidates out of frustration with the war in Iraq. Others were upset about gasoline prices. Still others saw an opportunity for payback for the botched handling of Hurricane Katrina.
None of those are really legislative actions. Kicking Republicans out and replacing them with Democrats will (surprise) fix none of those.