Monday, July 23, 2007

It makes no sense

The National Council for The Race (National Council of La Raza, something they don't translate so you don't get upset at the title) is the proponent of some really stupid stuff.

The nation's largest Hispanic advocacy group says it must come up with a strategy to combat "a wave of hate" its leaders say came from talk radio's efforts to sink the Senate's immigration bill.

"That had an extraordinary impact in the Senate, and as a nation, I don't think we should be comfortable with the fact that the United States Senate responded to what was largely a wave of hate," Cecilia Munoz, the National Council of La Raza's senior vice president for research, advocacy and legislation, told The Washington Times after meeting with NCLR affiliates to talk about a new strategy.
These idiots, who presume to speak for me as a person of Hispanic heritage, simply don't get it. I don't care what you say or who you are, but the last bill to come across the floor wasn't opposed because of some deranged white man fear of the vatos and locos here in America. The people of America aren't racist. We don't hate Mexicans. We do hate people who break the law. We abhor cheaters in this country. And illegal immigrants do both -- and flaunt it. Even then, when openly living outside the law, they (or their backers, who speak for them) have the audacity to make demands on the legitimate citizens of this country, an attitude so offensively brazen that it makes me sick.

Every time anyone says that this bill was race motivated you can add them to your personal list of morons. The only reason it appears that this bill comes down more heavily on Hispanics is because the vast majority of offenders are Mexican, Guatemalan or from some other central American country.

If the fictional people from the country of Xuazahua happened to have a statistical penchant for murder, would our murder laws be targeting them? Or would it simply be an unfortunate coincidence?
She cited amendments she said would require even naturalized citizens to produce records showing they aren't claiming Social Security benefits for time they worked illegally and an amendment she said will come up later this month to apply to foreign-born legal residents and food stamps.

"All these people who have been saying to us, 'We just want people to follow the rules and be here legally; we have no problem with legal immigrants ...' — Well, they're going after legal immigrants on the floor [of Congress] about once a week," she said. "And some of those attacks don't just go after legal immigrants; they go after U.S. citizens, if they happen to be foreign-born. So that sounds to us like this is not about legal immigration. This is a broader attack, and that attack looks like it's against us."
Again with the stupidity. Us. Who is us? You can only have Us if you have Them. Some of these "attacks" go after citizens -- yes. Just like thousands of US Citizens are prosecuted for breaking countless other laws every year. Please, Miss Senior Vice President for Research for the National Council of The (Hispanic) Race, explain to me then: are you speaking for Hispanics or for criminals as a whole?

Edit: I'm enjoying the mental image of the fiasco that would erupt if there existed such an organization as "The National Council die Arische Nation"...