Thursday, July 26, 2007

BDS Lives on

In a stunningly status quo move, Barack Obama is pointing his campaign into the winds of Bush Derangement Syndrome rather than solid positions. In a recent conference call with reporters he solidifies this by expressing a desire to differentiate himself from Bush, rather than do something that makes sense.

...National reporters really only wanted to hear Obama talk about one subject. Mike McAuliffe with the New York Daily News noticed how Obama had compared Hillary Clinton's debate answer about diplomacy to the Bush-Cheney approach. Does he really believe that?

Obama: “I don’t just believe it, I think that’s the record. The Bush administration’s policy is to say that we will not talk to these countries unless we meet explicit preconditions. And that is the question that was asked at the debate.” He continued: “You’ll have to ask Sen. Clinton: what differentiates her position from theirs?”
Never mind whether or this is the correct approach -- Bush did it, therefore its wrong. Never forget that.

Somehow, though, I think running against Bush may not be the wisest policy for the next election.