Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Smarter than IPCC

Fifteen year old Kirsten Byrnes of Portland, Maine, recently showed her scientific mettle, tackling the global warming "problem" with the same scientific reckless abandon that I so enjoy here. Unfortunately for me, she's just flat out better at it than I am (linked from Kobayashi Maru).

Ms. Byrnes' analysis of complex climate and weather data has proven prescient in calling the end of the Australian drought almost a month in advance. By itself, that would only make for intriguing human interest copy. If enough forecasts are made, someone somewhere will always get lucky.

This story is different.
Go check out the Kobayashi story as well as her website. The Anchoress has stuff on this too.

Edit: While we're on this meme...linkfest!
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I never thought about it this way:
The US grows about 50% of the world's food and wins about 50% of the Nobel prizes. About 90% of the world's computer technology comes out of California. Amazing that we only use 25% of the world's energy. That makes us the most productive and efficient country on earth.
Makes sense to me. We'll reduce our oil and electricity consumption when the rest of the world starts pulling its own weight.