Friday, June 29, 2007


Does anyone else find this attempted attack conveniently situated immediately after Blair leaves office? I wonder if that had anything to do with the timing?

The car bomb found in London's West End contained 60 litres of petrol (thats British-talk for gasoline), a large amount of nails and several gas canisters, police have revealed.

Detectives believe they have foiled a major terror attack after the "big" explosive device was discovered in a Mercedes early this morning.
How did they foil an attack? The bad guys can't build a car bomb correctly; thats no positive in the good guy's column. [Edit: I was under the impression that the "smoke" people reported was a failed attempt to detonate the bomb. After reading subsequent reports, I'm not so sure that this is the case. Edit again: Fox news reported that it was a failed suicide attempt, with the suicide-ee running away. ] This was a "near miss" as its termed in industry safety. Its only a matter of time before it happens again -- probably successfully. So sad to live in Londonistan.

Isn't this a nice lesson in acceptance and multiculturalism for us all?
Intelligence sources said they were keeping an open mind on who was responsible for the car bomb.
So, what does that mean? We're not going to publicly blame Islamic terrorists?

Because the car bombing tactic is the calling card of so many other religions...right?

Update: UK authorities are now reporting that there was a second car bomb:
Police have confirmed that not one, but two massive car bombs were set to explode in the heart of London's West End.

The first, in Haymarket, was packed with petrol, gas cannisters and nails and was defused after police were alerted by an ambulance crew called to an incident at a nearby nightclub.

The second was in a car that was illegally parked nearby and towed to the Park Lane car pound.