Monday, June 11, 2007

On Immigration #2

Someone on another blog said this in a comment, and I got worked up enough to turn a comment into a post.

They can not enforce the present laws without additional resources and legislation. If it was that simple this would not even be an issue.

For instance there is a back log of deportations that can not be processed unless they pass a bill and authorize what is necessary.
Ok, so whats being said is, in effect, that we can't enforce the law without a passing another law saying we can enforce the law?
"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the bureaucracy..."
That is utter hogwash. The INS can enforce the law currently. They simply don't -- going back to Clinton's tenure. You don't need legislation to increase the size of the Border Patrol -- and increasing the size of the BP does absolutely no good when they're not allowed to do anything to illegals crossing anyway! In Texas, for example, two agents were incarcerated for shooting a known felon when he attempted to get away. They're bound hand and foot by what they can and can't do, say, or think with regards to stopping an illegal. Small wonder people are leaving the Patrol in droves -- the government won't let them do their jobs!

Can anyone honestly assert that a federal judge at this point in time with the right convincing couldn't get through the "backlog" of deportation hearings in a matter of days hours? I'll tell you the tune the scene could jive to: 30 days past due for a deportation hearing? Deported. Repeat offender? Deported! Anything over a minor traffic violation? Deported. Have I seen his face before? Deported, deported, deported.

We can even take that one step further -- using a matricula consular? Deported! Possession of a false SSN card? Deported.

And deportees could be taken in buses in daily runs and deposited on the other side of the fence (there is a fence over most of the border, if only barbed wire) with a bottle of water and some trail mix, free of charge, where guards could be posted - right now, all it would take is a wave of the pen by any number of governors or the President himself to dispatch the national guard - with clearance to use deadly force when necessary to secure the border. You think that wouldn't work? Tell you what -- you come immigrate illegally to my house, and we'll try it. I bet you don't get back over my fence.

Who do you think appointed the judges and federal prosecutors who aren't deporting illegals? Who made the laws with the loopholes that allow for multiple hearings and backlogs? If you can be honest and say "The politicians, by golly!" then you're on the first step to recovery.

As I've said time and again, Hispanic illegals are a protected class, vassals under the flag of their feudal lords on capitol hill. Nothing is going to change unless people get mad and hold their politicians to task.

PS I'm not opposed to many of the provisions in this bill. But if border security is so daggum important to them, they could and would pass it as a separate bill. If fixing the immigration system was important, they could and would pass it as a separate bill. They run you around the ring and jump through hoops and add in loop holes because congress is and always will be a circus designed to fool the voters into reelecting them the next time they're up.

How many senators have crafted and proposed a bill devoted purely to border security? Riddle me that.