Monday, June 11, 2007

On Gitmo

In response to this, another comment-turned-blog-post.

The very reason Gitmo was established there is because it’s a legal ‘black hole.’ It was selected at that site because Bush and crew understand Gitmo falls into a legal no-man’s land as far as US laws go. If the Bush administration were truly convinced as to the legality of what’s being done in Gitmo–they could have easily established the detention center in, say, Montana.

Second, Gitmo allows torture of detainees, many of whom have been incarcerated for years without legal representation or even being formally charged. We, in the US, rightly criticize third world nations for pracctices such as this. Yet, it’s being done in our names in Gitmo.

Third, it sets a bad example. We used to enjoy a reputation for justice and fairness in the world. Now, we don’t.
Legal black hole? They’re being given a trial aren't they? Many of them acquitted on what anyone can readily admit to being a technicality? Legal mumbo jumbo is an entitlement for them, apparently. If these are indeed kangaroo courts, why on Earth would they let these guys go free? By definition, they would be summarily executed without due process, not let off scott free on a stupid technicality that wouldn’t even fly in a traffic court. (Oh, the accused was charged with “Excessive Speed” but the state legislature changed the charge to “More than enough speed” last week — hence, charges must be dropped).

Torture of detainees? Like giving them Korans (when our own citizen students in public schools are not allowed by law to be given Bibles), allowing them to have AC and hot meals — when our own GI’s are eating MREs? What is this torture you speak of? Perhaps “playing loud music” or flushing a Koran down the toilet?

The chief investigator Air Force Lt. Gen. Randall Schmidt says “no torture occurred” and that there was no “evidence to support the allegation that the detainees were denied food and water.” The most common form of cited “abuse” was the playing of continuous loud music.

You would do well to look up the Bataan Death March or the treatment of the American prisoners on Wake Island, or any other of the myriad examples of torture the Japanese Empire provided us during World War II.

For Pete’s sake, we’re going above and beyond the Geneva conventions for even incarcerating these people. We have every legal right to summarily execute them as non uniformed combatants…and yet we desist, housing them in better living conditions than the free Cuban citizens living just across the fence.

If this is a bad example, the rest of the free world would do well to torture their own citizens the way we’re torturing the detainees at Gitmo.

Want an example? How about a detainee named “Abdullah M., a prisoner who was missing a leg when he got to Gitmo. He was given a prosthetic and rehabbed before being released and repatriated to Afghanistan. He is now sought for involvement in the 2004 bombing of the Islamabad Marriott.” (quoted from America’s Victories, citation “The Gitmo Varsity,” The American Spectator, July 18 2005.)


Anonymous said...

They're being given a trial aren't they?

Stalin, Mao, and Castro gave people trials as well. But nobody would seriously suggest justice was being done.

Many of them acquitted on what anyone can readily admit to being a technicality?

Actually, nobody has been acquitted on the basis of a 'technicality.' Again, when you incarcerate people --without charges--for four or five years, while denying them legal counsel or permitting independent observers to monitor their condition--that's gulag-style treatment.

Torture of detainees?

Yes, torture. Remember, it's not just the detainees making such claims--but often it's their captors.

Try to remember we're the US of A. We're supposed to be better than that. Much better than that.

And let's not forget that this Administration has tried to redefine torture by claiming as long as you don't cause major organ failure--it's not torture.


k2aggie07 said...

Your arguments are hollow. Calling a frog a duck doesn't make it quack.

These guys aren't being given gulag style treatment! Give me a break. There's no beatings being done, no breaking of fingers or removal of nails, or dislocation of shoulders or hanging by the wrists. There's absolutely no beheading going on. Do I really need to remind you of what these same people do to their captives? The Nick Berg tape got less press than some of our congressmen denouncing the "continuous playing" of Christina Aguilera tapes!

You've totally missed the point with these incarcerations. Nobody cried foul or demanded some kind of charge when we kept POWs from Germany, Italy or Japan. There was no mention of demands of trial for captives from the Vichy government. This is war, not crime. This isn't some kind of 7-11 robbery or traffic violation turned ugly. We've taken these people from combat situations where they were raising arms against us to learn what we can from them about their organizations. Many of them are repatriated to their home countries. Many of them will not have "charges" pressed against them because of people like you who bind the hands of the good guys. Or did you forget which side you're on?

The detainees are suing the federal government for constitutional rights for which they are not eligible, not being citizens -- and our idiot judges are doing us the disservice of hearing those claims! Are you kidding me? And they're claiming torture? How about the actual abuse that does occur at Gitmo? That of the detainees abusing the Americans? One intelligence analyst who spent time there in June 2005 said that American guards had to black out their name tags due to threats of inmates to tell other al qaeda operatives to "look them up on the internet" and "slaugter them and their families in their homes at night". Guards are barraged daily with feces, urine and semen as they provide hot, nourishing meals -- again, better than the MREs they get to eat. Guards have been hit with chairs, bitten, scratched, while under orders not to retaliate.

One soldier hit an inmate with a radio when he attacked another soldier; he was dropped in rank. When an MP sprayed a terrorist with a water hose after being splashed with water from the Muj's toilet he was charged with assault. Source.

Yes, we are the USA. We are proud, strong, free men and women who believe in what we're fighting for. And you are trying to give rights to those tho do not merit them -- extend the rights of American citizens paid for by blood of patriots, extend protection offered by the Geneva conventions to uniformed soldiers proudly fighting for their country to these cowards who aren't worthy to lick the mud off of a Jardhead's boot.

Who needs to remind who what the situation is here?