Monday, June 04, 2007

My thoughts exactly

In the wake of the almost non-story about the terrorist plot to blow up the JFK airport fuel pipeline (I mean, they didn't even have explosives) I found an article mirroring my thoughts.

Richard Kuprewicz, a pipeline expert and president of Accufacts Inc., an energy consulting firm that focuses on pipelines and tank farms, said the force of explosion would depend on the amount of fuel under pressure, but it would not travel up and down the line.

"That doesn't mean wackos out there can't do damage and cause a fire, but those explosions and fires are going to be fairly restricted," he said.
Big boom, but the idea of it blowing up the neighborhood or the tanks down the line is just silly. What you'd get would be a boom - from the initial pressure - and then a sustained burn, like from a propane stove. Only bigger. That is, until someone turns off the juice (or the pumps that push the juice).

The idea that this would have blown up the whole pipeline is a pipe dream from Allah. (Pun intended).