Monday, June 25, 2007

More Yon

Michael Yon has another fascinating -- and largely ignored -- dispatch. The situation in Buqabah seems to be going well. 50-100 enemy dead, 60 captured. 22 American casualties, one killed.

Media reports indicating that many top leaders escaped before Arrowhead Ripper began appear to be mostly true. But other information suggests some AQI leaders are trapped just down the road from where I write. In addition to the seven men who were caught trying to escape while dressed as women, there is information that some AQI leaders remain trapped in a constricting cordon.
Given my (limited) knowledge of Moslem laws and habits, isn't this hilarious? Demeaning for them? Talk about rendering them impotent. Next thing you know they'll be disguising themselves as pigs. Isn't there a fatwa against being a transvestite?
The Fifth Iraqi Army Division is considered an increasingly competent group of fighters, and from the limited scope of 5th IA that I personally witnessed, that judgment seems correct. The 5th is committed to battle.
Although the battle is still unfolding here in Baqubah, Colonel Townsend reports that at least 50 AQI have been killed. Townsend’s subordinate commanders put the number as high as 100. More than 60 suspects are in custody, but Townsend is unsure how many of the suspects are truly AQI versus innocent men who will be released.

American losses include one soldier killed in action, with 21 wounded. One Bradley and one Stryker have been destroyed. The low numbers of friendly casualties have been largely due to the slow, methodical clearing operation where success is not measured against the clock.
Y'all ought to read it all. Its good stuff -- hands down better than 90% of the mainstream media articles.