Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Have YOU heard about this?

Let's do an exercise, shall we?

Have you heard of Natalie Holloway?
How about the Duke lacrosse "rape" case?
Did you hear about the hate crime in Jasper?
Or Rodney King?

Did you hear about this?

It's still not clear why the alleged carjacking confrontation between Channon Christian, 21, her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, 23, and brothers Davidson and Letalvis Darnell Cobbins turned fatal.

It's not even known yet where the deadly encounter began.

But it ended early Sunday morning in a seedy rental house on Chipman Street, where Christian and Newsom were forced inside at gunpoint, according to state and federal court records.

Newsom was shot, bound and his body wrapped up in bedding and set afire, according to a search warrant application drafted by Knoxville Police Department Investigator Todd Childress.

Police would find his body later that day discarded like trash along nearby railroad tracks. Two days passed before Christian's battered body was found stuffed in a trash can in the Chipman Street house where, records show, Davidson and Cobbins had been living.
The Chicago tribune has covered this but other than that it has failed to register on the national level.

Can you imagine the furor this would generate if those two kids had been black and those raping, torturing and mutilating them were white?

I hope the victims and their families can find peace, and the evil people who did this find a quick death -- so God can deal with them. How absolutely terrible.