Monday, June 11, 2007

Dan Simmons wins at life

Dan Simmons (you may recognize the name as the author of The Time Traveler short story) has a message out entitled Four Modest Proposals for Getting Out of Iraq. It is long, but it is a must-read.

Of course, the subject of Iraq has been much in the air for years now, but it seems to be coming close to reaching some critical mass or tipping point. And everyone in political life or among the Trinities (NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, PBS, etc.) agree that September is the swivel point . . . that something will have to happen by September: U.S. withdrawal beginning, the Iraqis pulling up their socks at long last and meeting some legislative and security benchmarks, some political reconciliation in Iraq or dramatic signs of military progress . . . . something. September, we are told by anyone with access to a microphone, will be the turning point toward . . . something else.

As is, I’m sure, the deadlock we have in public opinion on how and when to end the war. While a strong majority of Americans have shifted in the last three years from supporting the war to demanding an end to it, it’s possible that the reasons for their dissatisfaction are much more varied and complex than Speaker Pelosi or Harry Reid or most media pundits have suggested. I would suggest that a majority of Americans still support the global war on terrorism but have lost patience with failed strategies in Iraq, with the constant excuses for those failures, with the constant loss of American lives there, and with the Iraqi government and Iraqis themselves.

In this June-July Message I will cite some facts and questions related to the current war and then suggest several Modest Proposals for alternative ways for the U.S. to get out of Iraq. All I can guarantee (other than some, perhaps most, people will be angered by the essay) is that you won’t hear any of these proposals on the campaign trail. Nor will you ever hear them coming out of the White House. In truth, you won’t hear them anywhere but here.
Read the whole thing. Please.