Monday, June 11, 2007

America and the world

This flies in the face of the eternal liberal doom and gloom portrayal of the world hates America:

Albania has eagerly embraced democracy and idolizes the United States. Three stamps have been issued featuring Bush's picture and the Statue of Liberty, and the street in front of parliament has been renamed in his honor.

The president spent just eight hours here and then flew to Bulgaria, another Cold War Soviet ally turned pro-American. The two stops gave an upbeat ending to Bush's six-country trip after big protests earlier in Rome and at the summit of industrialized nations in Heiligendamm, Germany.
What you can conclude from this is that the world doesn't hate America -- only socialist Europeans and Arabs. And, because we know the media caters to the cultural elites (such as Hollywood Ex-pats and America haters) these views are what gets reported.

As a personal anecdote, I have family that lives in Chile. Even they were very much bemused by the differences between the portrayal of Americans by international media and the reality of who our citizens are after visiting here for a month. The fact is, we don't get a fair shake, and its the CNN's that hurt us more than any international policies ever can.