Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just enough to get me going, maybe.

Recent hullabaloo over immigration may just be the impetus I need to actually get on here and start sharing a piece of my mind again.

I read a few of the major conservative blogs and listen to talk radio on the way in to work in the mornings, and I'm really surprised at all the bickering and hollering that's going on right now over this silly little immigration bill. What's the big deal anyway? No matter what does or doesn't get passed, this whole issue is moot because no one on capitol hill even cares about illegal immigration.

As anecdotal evidence, I recall reading an article where a gung-ho INS boss raided a large plant that employed many illegals (ie, enforced the current laws) and arrested a goodly amount of them, too - I believe it was in the hundreds. Did he get an award? Did everyone cheer and applaud? No! The senators from that state made a few phone calls and he was told in no uncertain terms (and by that I mean he was fired so fast it made his head spin) that you don't do that sort of thing in these senator's states! No sir, bub, because that costs our constituents money! Who did the fool think he was, anyway?

When will folks learn that the only reason this is even being debated at the moment is because the public clamor has grown too loud for congress to sit tight in their chambers? They don't care one whit about enforcing our laws, keeping illegals out, the plight of the middle class worker, the drain of illegals on our economies, or any other sort of nonsense you can come up with. All they care about is votes and dollars.

This bill will fall flat on its foolish face as soon as it gets passed. Giving an ID card to an immigrant? When? When they get arrested? Sort of like how they get arrested now? Those cards will work just as well as deportations work now - isn't that what the law says we're supposed to do to 'em when we catch 'em? And yet how often does that happen?

Cheer the bill, boo the bill, call your senator or congressman; it doesn't matter one hill of beans. Democrats think they can paint Republicans as mean ol' immigrant haters and by waving the citizenship wand in these people's faces gain votes. Republicans are drooling over the "outrage" of the average American over this issue and hope to hang one on the Democrats, and score a few points in '08 to boot. And both parties love the money that pours into social security from employers taxing people with fake SSN's, right along with the property and sales tax many illegals pay. Give me a break -- this is is a treasure trove of - you guessed it - votes and dollars.

But actually keeping illegals out? Hah! Contrary to common opinion, politicians are rational -- rational enough to be predictable, and in this case they just don't want illegal immigration to stop. If they did, it would. Its not that hard to figure out.