Saturday, November 04, 2006

Scientific dishonesty

Scientists police their own when talking about fishing:

Clambakes, crabcakes, swordfish steaks and even humble fish sticks could be little more than a fond memory in a few decades. If current trends of overfishing and pollution continue, the populations of just about all seafood face collapse by 2048, a team of ecologists and economists warns in a report in Friday's issue of the journal Science.
Not so, says another scientist...

But other scientists question that forecast.

"It's just mind-boggling stupid," said Ray Hilborn, a University of Washington professor of aquatic and fishery sciences.

"I'm worried about some areas of the world — like Africa — but other areas of the world have figured out how to do effective fishery management."

For example, most of the harvests in the North Pacific off Alaska — where most Seattle fleets fish — are not in sharp decline.

His common sense is a breath of fresh air. You can't make extrapolations over the whole globe based on local variations. When will these "scientists" learn basic principles such as that?

I find it interesting that the headline for the second article is that the study draws skeptics, even though the first story was just published yesterday. Some newspaper went out to find the dissenting opinion. Why won't anyone in the media hold some of these loons to what they say and go get one of the thousands of respected climatologists who can show you evidence that global warming climate change isn't anthropogenic to rebut the idioitic statements made all the time about global warming climate change?