Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lamont: Whipped

Lieberman put the hurt on Lamont -- 48-39 style:

Sen. Joe Lieberman made a triumphant return from political limbo Tuesday, riding his independent candidacy to victory over Ned Lamont three months after the anti-war businessman toppled him in the Democratic primary.

Lieberman said he was "tested like never before" in the long, bitter campaign.

"But we never gave up, did we?" he declared to cheering supporters gathered at a downtown Hartford hotel.

Lieberman's victory as an independent comes three months after a stunning loss in the Democratic primary that put his 18-year Senate career in peril. Lamont, a wealthy businessman and political unknown, upset Lieberman in August in a contest widely seen as a referendum on Iraq and a sharp rebuke of Lieberman's pro-war views.

I'm just glad we didn't get a prominent cut-and-run supporter into the house. Speaking of elections, this isn't a particularly surprising outcome. Given the latest political atmosphere and the onus of being the majority party, Republicans really didn't do all that badly.

So, let's see what the Democrats have in store -- they're going to foolishly up the minimum wage (see The Throes of Poverty), and "fully implement the recommendations of the 9/11 commission. Have we heard anything else out of the majority of this party? Casey told Santorum he'd sponsor legislation making senators work harder. A few have promised to get to the bottom of the treasonous and corrupt nature of the Bush administration.

We'll see what they do. And in the next election, we can point at their record and politely snicker.

My prediction? Status quo baby. Spending rises as fast (or faster) as the previous congress, and a similar amount of corruption will exist. Count on it.