Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Not a headline you see every day -- 4 senior physicians arrested for illegal experiments on elderly patients:

A report by a Health Ministry inquiry committee, whose findings were revealed in Haaretz, found that illegal and unethical experiments were conducted over several years, in a systematic manner, on thousands of elderly patients. At least one patient is suspected of having died as a direct result of one of the experiments. In addition, 12 patients died either during or shortly after one of the experiments, but the incident was not reported to the Health Ministry or investigated, in contravention of the law.
This is actually pretty sick -- they published the results:
At least four doctors at Hartzfeld and Kaplan became known as geriatrics experts on the basis of research allegedly based on illegal experiments. Some doctors submitted articles to medical journals in Israel and abroad on the basis of the experiments, which appear to have provided a foundation for their professional and academic advancement.