Thursday, October 12, 2006

Russia, China oppose sanctions

I didn't make the prediction on here, but I did to a friend in real life. He suggested that China was "worried" about North Korea. I replied to wait to see what they voted for on the UNSC, and that I doubted they'd want to do anything. Turns out I was right:

Russia and China on Thursday opposed tough sanctions the U.S. wants to impose against North Korea this week for its claimed nuclear test, saying they want more time to work out a more moderate response to Pyongyang's nuclear brinkmanship.

The United States and Japan, which has already imposed tough unilateral sanctions on the North to protest the reported test Monday, had initially hoped for a U.N. Security Council vote on Thursday. But if Washington wants to get China and Russia - the two council nations closest to Pyongyang - on board, a vote could be delayed until early next week.

China, the North's closest ally, opposes any mention of the U.N. Charter's Chapter 7, which authorizes punishments including economic sanctions, naval blockades and military actions. China and Russia want to see sanctions focus primarily on reining in North Korea's nuclear and weapons programs.


3agsmom said...

Is anyone really surprised by this? Why do your own dirty work when you can get the other, littler, poorer guy to do it for you?