Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wave Goodbye

I think you can go ahead and start laughing at the Democrats now. For all their pushing, boasting, and assuredness, their control of congress is slowly slipping away:

A tied Senate race in New Jersey and last-minute Republican surges in Pennsylvania and Ohio may confound Democratic hopes of retaking the upper chamber of Congress, new Zogby Interactive polling suggests.

The online polls of Senate and gubernatorial races in 26 states find Democrats, who began this election cycle hoping to capture the Republican-held House and Senate, losing ground in New Jersey. There, incumbent appointee Bob Menendez suddenly finds himself running dead-even with Republican Tom Kean Jr. Menendez had been leading since a June poll.
Here are my super-cool Excel graphs of the week:

Trends, people. Its all about trends.


Matt said...

Right Kaggie, once again you've taken one example and overgeneralized it to imply that ALL democrats are in trouble. One thing is for certain; come november, one of us is going to be sticking our tongue out and singing nah nah nah nah nah to the other.

k2aggie07 said...

I don't think it takes all Democratic races to be in trouble for them to be in trouble.

These are the highly contested and highly touted seats. If they don't take seats away from the Right, they won't gain control of the senate, see?

They have to win more races than they did last time, and these are a few where they expect to win.