Friday, September 01, 2006

Unemployment Down

If you think that exportation of jobs is the greatest evil America has ever faced, tell me -- why?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. employers added a moderate 128,000 workers to their payrolls in August, in line with expectations, according to a government report on Friday that suggested the Federal Reserve may not need to raise interest rates further.

The closely watched report on nonfarm payrolls from the Labor Department also showed the unemployment rate dipped to 4.7 percent, after a surprise jump to 4.8 percent in July.

If the US is hemorraging jobs, and Wal-Mart is destroying jobs, and the economy is terrible, why are we operating at full employment?


rightonq said...

Man, you blog too much ;-)

The polls that consistently show that more Americans think the economy is "bad" is baffling to me. Sure, the media is part of the problem, but what do people expect?

As for jobs, I just heard a little debate on MSNBC. One guy is saying well the the unemployment number doesn't really mean much and the 128,000 jobs isn't enough because we need 150,000 just to sustain growth.

What a maroon (not a typo, that's Bugs Bunny!!). Unemployment is only important to libs if the president is Republican and the rate is high. If it's good, then - not important! As for the 128,000 jobs, at almost full-employment you don't need 150,000 any more.

Also, as someone that has been trying to hire a couple of technology professionals, all I have to say is that it's hard as heck to find good people. The resumes are NOT streaming i. In fact, the OTHER MSNBC guy was saying that a survey of CEOs found exactly what I'm finding - it's hard to find good people to fill open spots. It's a SHORTAGE of workers with the right skills that's the problem.