Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Sean Penn weighs in (thank goodness!):

At the press conference, a reporter returned to the notion of Bush as a good politician, and Penn said the definition has changed -- much as it has for "good actor" which now means, he said, "contest winner" (he is an Academy Award winner himself).

"So that's the level of politician I think he's good at," Penn said. "Out of context, he's Beelzebub -- and a dumb one."

Another query: Could he name a good politician? Penn said he wasn't about to "rattle off the cliches....It should be obvious, those people who sacrificed of their talents and their commitment to their country or their people . . . we know who they are and they're not currently in the White House."
The funny part about all of this is how Bush has effectively run circles around the entire Left for about a decade now. If he's an idiot, why has he been so successful? If he's an idiot, what does that make them, that they're getting whipped so badly by him?

Penn says Bush is the devil (and stupid) but can't point out Jesus. This is typical. There is no such thing as positive on the BDS Left. Only Bush, and Only Hate.