Friday, September 01, 2006

Liberals: BDS into CDS

I wasn't going to comment on the whole "Bush Assassination" tacky movie. I really wasn't. Then I read this article where a Oxford professor examines what would happen if the liberal pipe dream of Bush assassination were to come true, and I just couldn't stand by:

Here, a historian looks to the future — and imagines the terrifying consequences. BEFORE that fateful day — November 9, 2006 — historians liked to say the world could never again lurch into global crisis because of one man's death, as it had in 1914 when Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered in Sarajevo, sparking World War I.

It doesn't really get good until later --

The new President, speaking from a 'secure location' soon nicknamed Bunker One, announced that 'those who celebrate death will learn to taste it soon enough'. Dick Cheney appeared unfazed by the day's gruesome events.

Cheney evil! Cheney bad robot! Cheney SMASH:

At home and abroad, the gloating over Bush's death soon gave way to a sober realisation that he had actually been a check on Dick Cheney's ruthless way of defending America from enemies at home or abroad.

Executive orders authorising detention without trial of citizens as well as aliens suspected of 'terrorist affiliations' and closing America's borders were signed off with astonishing alacrity, as were military plans to strike regimes that had celebrated Bush's death.

Syria was attacked, but Iran bore the brunt. Mass strikes by bombers and cruise missiles knocked out any capacity Iran had for making modern weapons, let alone nuclear bombs, but at a huge price. A country of 70 million cowered under the shadow of burning oil wells and the pollution from devastated petro-chemical plants.

This is so ridiculous. The connection to the escalation seen in WWI is tenuous at best; WWI didn't start because of the assassination. It was the process of a long chain of events and was really tripped off by diplomatic failures (via Wikipedia):

On July 23, assured by unconditional support of the Germans should war break out, the empire sent the July Ultimatum to Serbia, which demanded, among other things, that Austrian agents would be allowed to take part in the investigation of the murder, and that Serbia would take responsibility for it.

Emboldened by the promise of Russian support, the Serbian government accepted all the terms, except those relating to the participation of the Austrian agents in the inquiry, which it saw as a violation of its sovereignty. Breaking diplomatic relations, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia on July 28 and proceeded to bombard Belgrade on July 29. On July 30, Austria-Hungary and Russia both ordered general mobilization of their armies.

As always, there was a lot more going on than what showed on the surface. The rest of the article reads like the handbook for liberal opposition to the war. True to form, the "quagmire" of Iraq is listed...only under Cheney its (gasp) worse!

Fighting Iran turned out to be much bloodier than the blitzkrieg against Saddam's Iraq.

Gitmo comes up later (of course):

...Sending waves of refugees north to the American border.

US troops tried to keep them out and 'suspect types' were shipped to Guantanamo Bay for screening.

The Guantanamo Bay camp was enlarged to accommodate the internees.

A massacre by US troops takes the stage:
The U.S. Marines guarding the camp claimed Cuban secret policemen shot at the people trying to climb into the base to stop them escaping from communism. ...Soon 113 people, including women and children, were dead.
Evil Cheney reacts again:
Cheney told Rumsfeld to 'swat' Castro's regime once and for all. Another war of liberation broke out.
There's also a ragged, halfhearted swipe at American propaganda:
Images of President Cheney in a wheelchair at Thanksgiving 2010 were carefully choreographed to recall Franklin Roosevelt in charge of the war effort 70 years earlier.
At any rate, the whole thing reads like a script from a (bad) videogame. The whole situation with this movie is quite literally the biggest play to BDS I've ever seen. No movie has ever taken this step. For one thing, its a bad marketing decision; the movie immediately dates itself. For another, its incredibly tacky to take a real character and assassinate him. You can't even put the "Any resemblance to any person living or dead..." disclaimer in the front.

The whole tone of this article is admonishing. "America, you've been a bad kid. You killed a buncha folks, now everyone hates you -- its nobody's fault but your own. And look, you even re-elect Evil Cheney (just like you re-elected Evil Bush!)." This just feeds the trolls around the world who really believe the above.

Finally, this article feeds off of the utter rubbish and decides to say "ok: what if?" from a completely anti-American stance. Nothing in the reaction to the assassination shows America in a favorable light. The author is basically saying "yep...I hate America. I'd be happy if this happened, because screw them". Upon reading this, I wouldn't be surprised if plenty of two-bit wanna be mujahideen draft up a little assassination plan of their own -- from reading this, the outcome is so much in their favor!