Thursday, September 14, 2006

House to Create Hyptertension Website

Just kidding. I bet, though, that reading over this website won't help very many people's blood pressure:

Curious about how much of your money is going to encourage hydroponic tomato production in Ohio - or to build bridges to nowhere in Alaska? A user-friendly Web site is going to help you find out.

The House on Wednesday passed and sent to the White House a measure to create a Google-like search engine that will help interested citizens, as well as advocacy groups, track some $1 trillion in federal grants, contracts, special projects and loans.

The Office of Management and Budget is to create the database, with a Jan. 1, 2008, target for opening it to the public.

"This is a huge victory for all who believe sunshine is the best disinfectant," said House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., on the uncontested voice vote.

If people actually used this tool, there'd be a lot of incumbents going bye-bye I think.