Sunday, September 10, 2006

Daily KOS: Lack of understanding of manliness

The lovable Krazy Kos Kidz have once again shot off their mouths and show, really, just how little they know about anything. They have the temerity to insult Steve Irwin (a Real Man by any definition that matters) then go off on an absolutely ridiculous tangent about the coast guard -- and how great it is to use your country's armed services as a vacation! You can't make this stuff up:

Irwin had two small children. I'll never understand parents who put themselves in such positions of danger knowing that a misstep can leave their children without a parent.
You know, like parents who drive, or work, or swim, or breathe, or eat. What scumbags! Here at this blog, we love Steve Irwin and think if there were more of him and less Kos'ers, the world would be a better place. Moving on to laughing at the idiocy of the KKK'z, here's some fun quotes:
  • Isn't Omaha a bit far from the coast for the Coast Guard?
  • My husband spent four years stationed on a buoy tender/ice breaker on Lake Michigan in Charlevoix, Michigan. For those who don't know Charlevoix, it was a four year vacation in one of the swankiest summer resort towns in Michigan.
  • My Grandson had planned to enlist in the Marine Corps. He says he will now wait until Bush is out of office. (ed - because, you know, dying in Bosnia or Lebanon is different from dying in Iraq? Semper Fi, Marines who are willing to die for the US no matter who is in charge!)
  • My grandson isn't ALLOWED to join anything under the Neocon regime. He recognizes that they might want him to shoot us at some point...

How about this -- a mother using flat-out manipulation to castrate her son's patriotism:

"I have been able to keep by (sic) 20 year old from joining for a year and a half. I think the guilt I laid on him kept him from joining, not to mention all the bad news coming from Iraq. He first told me he was joining in early 2005. I cried and told him I did not raise him to be complete cannon fodder to a corrupt administration. He is now studying criminal justice at our local community college with no talk of joining.

More interesting was when I was having children, after my second son, one of three sons, someone told me that with all the boys being born at that time, it was a sign that we would be faced with a war when they were older. Sure enough, that prediction can to true. I'll never forget what that person told me though for the life of me I can't remember who said it."

I bet she believes in astrology too. What a dolt.

This is where the left part of our country is headed. Isn't that comforting?