Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush Approval Up

Bush's approval ratings have rebounded to 44%:

President George W. Bush's approval rating has rebounded to 44 percent, the highest level in a year, in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, the newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Bush's approval rating edged up largely on the strength of Republicans coming back to the fold with 86 percent saying they support him now, compared to 70 percent in May, USA Today said.

For the first time since December 2005, a majority of people polled did not say the war in Iraq was a mistake. The respondents were evenly split at 49 percent to 49 percent, the report said.
The more things continue to improve for this country, the more people will quit swallowing liberal rhetoric. In spite of the media's best efforts, people will realize that we are at full employment, the Dow and Nasdaq are soaring, the situation in Iraq is getting better (another post on that later), and we're not all dead from terrorism. What more could you want out of a presidency?