Friday, September 08, 2006


The Democrats are trying to stop ABC from running their 9/11 docudrama. Where's the ACLU, hollering about freedom of the press?

Amid an election-year debate over who can best defend America, U.S. congressional Democrats urged ABC on Thursday to cancel a TV miniseries about the September 11 attacks that is critical of former Democratic President Bill Clinton and his top aides.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada denounced the five-hour television movie, set to air in two parts on Sunday and Monday nights, as "a work of fiction."
Even if it is utter rubbish from one end of the spectrum to another, this isn't Dateline we're talking about here. This is a docudrama. The producer says there is "dramatic license taken" to make it into a better TV MOVIE.

Who is Harry Reid to tell ABC what they can and cannot run? Can you imagine the zealous furor the ACLU would be in if Trent Lott told someone they shouldn't run the Da Vinci Code because it is fictional?