Thursday, August 31, 2006

While We're On That Topic...

Since we're discussing global warming climate change, a new article is up on one of my new favorite websites, World Climate Report:

The ocean is a huge flywheel that integrates and stores long-term climate changes. Consequently, when computer models are driven with ever-increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, the deep oceans warm, warm, and warm. But it takes time to start up, just like a big pot of water heated by a small match. Once the process starts, though, nothing should be able to stop it.

That’s the current wisdom of our climate models, but like current wisdom on so many other aspects of life, nature has behaved differently.

Within weeks, a paper is going to appear in the refereed journal Geophysical Research Letters, by John Lyman of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, showing that, globally, the top 2500 feet of the ocean lost a tremendous amount of heat between from 2003 through 2005—about 20% of all the heat gained in the last half-century.

I don't want to snicker, but...well. I'll just say that in fifteen or twenty years this whole thing is going to be viewed as one of the dumbest "scientific" pushes ever made.


rightonq said...

I tend to agree that in 20 years this could be looked at and snickered.

I liken it to the various food hysterias such as the evil natural butter, so they created margarine which turns out to be worse than butter.

The other problem is that we always seem to create unintended consequences that are worse than the original problem that we were trying to fix. Apparently (saw this on Discovery), engineers did all of this work in the everglades back in the 1950s that they thought would preserve nature, but ended up creating more problems that we are now having to spend millions to "fix".

Ultimately, our ecosystem is not so fragile or we'd already be dead. There are natural mechanisms that keep nature in some kind of equilibrium. To suggest that WE, by driving SUVs, are driving up the temperature of the earth just SOUNDS ludicrous (I could be wrong, but it sounds plain dumb). Similarly, to suggest that we can reverse global warming simply by driving hybrids makes me laugh even more. If the world was cooling off at the same rate, we'd still have enviro-wackos freakin' out and suggesting that we DO SOMETHING.

I guess we can check back in 20 years and see where we are ;-)