Friday, August 18, 2006

US Intelligence Wins

In this interesting article we're shown that the US government isn't quite as internationally hated as some would have you think, even enlisting the help of Turkey. Also, linked from that story is an interesting bit on crate-ology.

The Iranian flight crew then requested permission to fly over Turkey. Turkish controllers granted permission — but only if the plane would land for an inspection. The plane returned to Tehran, where the military cargo was unloaded.
This makes me happy. This, combined with the recent incident of terrorist attacks on Turkish citizens and the Turkish response / incursion into Iraq, makes me think we have a pretty good relationship with Turkey. That we have enough diplomatic clout to enlist the aid of a predominantly Muslim country (albeit a "moderate" one) in an action that is in many ways pro-Israel flies in the face of common rhetoric that the whole world hates us and wants us to die.

Good show, intelligence, Turkey, and Iraq.