Monday, August 21, 2006

To Whom It May Concern

More specifically, Murtha, Kerry, Lamont, et. al, courtesy of Counterterrorismblog:

In regards to al-Qaida in Iraq, their leadership has outlined the end state towards which their propaganda efforts are currently working. Specifically, as given to us by those who have been detained over the last two months, they seek to portray al-Qaida in Iraq as a legitimate political organization to be viewed as the alternative to the legitimate, duly-elected government of Iraq.
That is an excerpt from Major General William Caldwell's August 16th briefing. Go check out the whole thing.

If we pull out now, this is the future that awaits Iraq. AQ is an insidious enemy who clearly knows their opponents. They are counting on us to cut and run, which will give them free reign to pit Sunnis against the Shi'a government. The best part -- the allegations don't even have to be true. If AQ can bring in enough foreign fighters, all they have to do is kill Sunnis and blame the government. If we don't stay long enough for the legitimate government of Iraq to get its feet under it, it will be toppled and replaced with a regime that will make Saddam's look like a tea party.

Already our forces have proven to be of value in an extremely unstable region; who knows how much worse the Hezbolla-Syra-Iran-Israel fourway would have gone without 125,000 slightly annoyed Americans between Hezbollah and their supplies? Not to mention, Ahmadinejad will surely think twice before "trying" anything, with the swift kick of justice hovering so close to his behind.