Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh those Kidz...

DarkSyde at the DailyKos is trying to find a short, unifying slogan for the Kwazy Kos Kids. He has his suggestions, but here are a few I like

* I'm Running Out of Tin-Foil!
* Stop Laughing at Me!
* 'Don't Eat Paint Chips' Is One of Bush's Lies!
* You Say "Angry" Isn't a Platform? YOU SHUT UP!!!
* You're Either With Us, Or I'm Going to Bite You
* No, You're Mentally Retarded and Probably Insane!
* Bush Lied, I Soiled Myself and Cried
* I Don't Want the Pills! Don't Make Me Take the Pills!
* Aw Tawt Aw Taw a Putty Tat!
* Why Do You Care If I Forgot to Wear Pants When There Is an Illegal War Going On?

Heh @ the Kos Kidz