Monday, August 21, 2006

MSM Still Anti-Israel

After reading a few stories about the Israeli raid on Hezbollah a few days ago, I decided to put up a post showing examples of anti-Israel slanting.

Here's a nice bit which employs the Call-and-Response technique to equate a Lebanese scrap-iron dealer (referred to as a "villager", but who actually participated in the fighting by rushing to Hezbollah's aid with his AK-47) to an Israeli army official and downplay the effectiveness of the raid:

One Israeli special operations officer was killed and two commandos were wounded, one seriously, but an Israeli Army spokesman in Jerusalem said the “objectives had been attained in full.”

Villagers said otherwise. “They failed completely,” said Sadiq Hamdi, 36, a scrap-iron dealer. “They were still on the road when the Hezbollah came upon them. They did not take 1 percent of what they were trying to do.”

This technique allows one side to get the last word, effectively removing the initial assertion from the reader's mind. Brilliant, really -- and disgusting. Would you trust a scrap-iron dealer turned-Hezbollah soldier anyway?

In discussing the legality of the attack three different articles quote UN Envoy Terje Roed-Larsen:
Associated Press:

...Roed-Larsen said if the report about the Israeli commando raid was true, the incident would be "a clear violation" of the U.N.-imposed cease-fire agreement.

"And it is also unhelpful in a very complex and very fragile situation," he said in an interview with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp.

The New York Times:

A high-ranking United Nations official, Terje Roed-Larsen, told Lebanese television that he could not independently confirm the details of the raid. “But if what has been reported is correct,” he said, “it is of course a clear violation of the ceasefire.”


"We had no independent means to verify...what has happened," envoy Terje Roed-Larsen told Lebanon's LBC television. "But if what has been reported is correct, it is of course a clear violation of the cease-fire."

Upon reading this, one would assume that the UN has officially sided with Hezbollah, claiming that Israeli has violated the ceasfire. Unfortunately for Lebanon, this is not the case, as only Reuters reports:

[Israel] denied it had violated the resolution, which allows it to act in self-defense, and accused Hizbollah of doing so by smuggling weapons. Roed-Larsen said that if the guerrilla group was found to have smuggled weapons, it would indeed be in breach of the truce.

They grudgingly report that Israel has not, in fact violated the truce. Furthermore, they downplay Roed-Larsen's assertion that if Hezbollah truly was being resupplied, they in fact are violating the truce.This is blatant propaganda by omission. "We report, you decide"? I think not.

Hat Tip: Big Lizards