Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The MSM: A Rant.

I don't buy anything anyone writes without running through my internal filter first. I usually read a lot of articles and blogs, and much of the information I get I have to sort out. I don't think the folks that make up the MSM are bad people, or jerks, or idiots, but I do think they have bias, they let it show, and then - the kicker - they claim they don't. They say they're objective, which makes their positions extremely powerful. Anyone can discount a zealot. A swaying position presented from an objective viewpoint is extremely effective. Thats my big gripe.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is best shown through example. When I talk to my buddies that have been to Iraq, my Military Science profs that fought there, my friends who have been injured there, they all tell me the same things: The people love us. We're doing good work. Things are rapidly improving. We have to finish the job.

Then you turn on the 6 o'clock news and you see: Mission failure. Catastrophe. Abu Graib. Haditha massacre. 3094310831 civilians killed. Civil war looms.

And I say to myself, I say "Self. There's a discrepancy here. Why do you think that is?" I can only come up with a few options:

1.) The MSM is lying intentionally to sway public opinion away from the war/ Republican party / Bush.

2.) My family and friends are lying to protect war / Republican party / Bush / their way of life.

3.) MSM is biased against the war and unintentionally slants things "their way".

4.) Nobody really knows whats going on, people are making educated guesses at best.

My guess is that the answer is somewhere between 3 and 4, and occaisionally 1 comes into play.

However, the thing that really gets me riled up is the glee that the media finds in implying that Americans are bad, evil people that are there to rape, torture and steal. That we're there for oil. That we're not doing any good. That we're on the same level as Al Qaeda.

Articles like those shown in Time about Haditha filled with half-truths and lies, lacking journalistic integrity (he interviewed his sources via email for Pete's sake) make me mad because they smell like an agenda. Whether its just desperation for a story or bias, I don't know. I do know I don't like it.

The liberal left in this country has based its entire platform on Bush hatred for almost a decade now. I think it has lost them significant ground in political philosophy and driven a large divide in this country. I don't think in recent years there has been as much vitriol on either side of the aisle as there is today. I think the media as a whole is largely to blame; they've facilitated these circumstances. Lastly, I think that many people are using the media outlets to further their own means, and the MSM is all too eager to snap up the stories without stopping to investigate.


Matt said...

Makes for a good post. Maybe I should start putting my good responses in our debates into my posts. Must save a lot of time.