Thursday, August 24, 2006

McCain on State-Sponsored Vacation

John McCain and friends are taking a nice, long vacation to observe the "effects of global warming" all over Europe. They're heading to Greenland and a "swanky" resort in northern Italy to attend an economic conference. Wouldn't it be nice to have a trip like this in your line of work?

Arizona Sen. John McCain will visit Greenland, Turkey, Georgia, Montenegro and Italy as part of a Senate delegation headed overseas during Congress' summer break.

McCain and the other Republican senators want to observe the effects of global warming while in Greenland. They also will attend an A-list economic and political conference at a swanky northern Italian resort.

So, tell me -- what methods is he going to be using to observe these so-called "effects"? Ice core samples, perhaps? Tree rings? Thermometers?

Its bad enough that we have legislators who completely buy into the smarmy science that is global warming; its much worse that the taxpayers have to foot the bill for these Washington bureaucrats to trapse all over the Old Country.


Matt said...

Global warming deniers: A dying breed. Read The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson. PLEASE for the love of god!!!! One day I will convert you into an environmentalist... no matter how long it takes.

k2aggie07 said...

I am an environmentalist. I believe we should take care of our environment. Conservation, moderation, et cetera. No wanton destruction of life, or trees; no massive pollution of the air or water.

Just because I disbelieve global warming doesn't mean I hate the earth.

Matt said...

It's not just global warming. You shown a disdain for environmentalism as a movement in general. You've acknowledged environmental problems before; immediately following it with, "what do you expect anyone to do about it". That's not environmentalism, or conservationism. It's defeatism.

Matt said...